This summer you can admire a vintage style of ’50’s full of fantasies more floral.

All through the prints , patterns and models chosen for the women’s collections in 2015 !

Let’s talk about light clothing , colorful , but where the main theme is not only cutting , but also the design .

Retracing the past years , we note that a distinguishing it marked the shirt dress , long, short and with a tiny little belt in life , floral prints more romantic than a moving book . English prints , colored silks full , return in our closets to accompany our picnics in gardens or our summer moments .

One line really sought in the mood he created the brand ‘ ‘ EDIT & ELLA ‘ ‘ which presents its collection with prints from the details really interesting ,

Edith & Ella spring vintage dresses 2015
Edith & Ella spring vintage dresses 2015
Flowers and references ‘ 50 ‘s, the old Cuba , the bright colors , small colorful pattern .. all combined to decidedly vintage fit that distinguishes from other collections .

A great accessory to this style: the wedge with cork lining , comfortable , lightweight , right for every day .the difference can be made to the hair , curling the hair soft hand , and why not ? a simple headband hair in order to maintain the whole.

Audrey sandal, p/e 2015
Audrey sandal, p/e 2015
Accessory recommended instead ? the plastic shopping bag SUN jellies DOROTHY CORAL BAG !

doroty coral bag.
doroty coral bag.
TASTE FIFTIES also in accessories ! where to find it ? MORE WEB site well for this mood . !

good style!
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