Wich make up I use?

Hi !
the makeup that I prefer for a fun evening it is very simple, black and coral, with a touch of gray.


The use of foundation is important for me, and I like to use the brush, cat’s tongue, for perfect result.

For the eye I use a fixative base and black eyeliner to outline the upper eyelid.


I use coral eyeshadow by Givenchy, why turn on the look without weighing it down, and that’s fine for the day and evening.

The final touch on the cheeks makes it perfect blush Givenchy the prisms which has a rejuvenating effect matt, thanks to the subtlety and opacity of dust south. I love it!

Finally the black mascara, and lip gloss a red, for the evening. And for the day a simple gloss.



Final result: 😉

I use

Foundation Colori di helan-riequilibrante -caramel
Blush Givenchy le prisme 25 in Vogue orange
Eyeshadow Dior 3 coleurs smoky 091 smoky black
Lip gloss Elf red shine
Lipstick Ysl rouge pour shine 26
Eyeshadow Givenchy le prisme yeux- chic coral 06
Mascara Coleur caramel natural black
Eyeliner– Benecos natural liquid black
Brush– Chanel
Lipstick – red coleur caramel bio natural lip color




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